Hand drawn cards by Pencils and Paper
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Pencils and Paper
is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

For each originally created card, several rough sketches are made
before the final picture is hand-drawn and coloured. 
Cards are then printed on cardstock paper.

Pencils and Paper's card and
logo designs are by Natalia Lam.


Ever since she first picked up a pencil and paper at the age of two,
Natalia has loved to draw.  She has made innumerable special occasion
cards for family and friends, who have told her again and
again, "You should sell your cards!"

Natalia did just that, launching her first Christmas card series in 2003
under the name "a natalia original".  In 2004 the name was changed to "Pencils and Paper" to  reflect the creative materials that are the starting
point of each card - a handful of pencils and a sheet of blank paper!

hand drawn original cards
All images remain the sole property of Natalia Lam and/or their respective owners.  Unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.
Copyright © Natalia Lam.